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Mrs. Amazing and The Seed” is a fiction science fantasy piece for kids 10-14. It takes readers on a fun and fantastical romp that not only explores the world of botany, but also contemplates non-conformity, empathy, selflessness, and the ties that bind.  It’s mysterious, creepy, funny, wacky, moving, and full of irrepressible hope!

If Roald Dahl, C.S. Lewis, Shel Silverstein, and your favorite science teacher all got together to write a book it would almost be as good as “Mrs. Amazing and The Seed.”

From the back of the book: 

Mrs. Amazing and The Seed” 
by Julie Lavender

At a time when belief in anything out of the ordinary is not tolerated, Faye and Frank Faultsom are daring to be different. Determined to guide their four free-spirited children on a risky quest to enter the mysterious and mystical realm known only to them as Wonder, they attract the malicious attentions of the sinister Ms. Imperia Beasley, Director of the local Grown Up Factory, where helpless children are conformed to the Prescribed Order as their imaginations are crushed.

When one of Faye’s wacky schemes to help her kids discover Wonder precipitates a predicament that threatens to tear their family apart, a bold act of belief catapults the Faultsoms into a bizarre and often comical world in which they experience the energy of a strange and overwhelming Life Force. Just when they begin to understand its compelling beauty and power, the family learns they must return home to face a heartbreaking crisis  — a crisis that may result in their teenage daughter losing Wonder forever.

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"Mrs. Amazing and The Seed"
is a Multi-media Adventure 
and it begins on January 2, 2019!

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“I can’t wait for it to be a movie.
I loved Mr. Keyes.”
Caroline, 10
“I love it!! Also hearing you read it kept me and my 12-year-old brother Josiah, attentive for hours. I also love the connections between the Faultsom children and people they remind me of in real life. There is so much humor in the book, but it doesn’t cover up the plot line. It’s clean, but still hilarious, enjoyable and memorable. It’s the perfect book for kids of any age, but especially young teens. I think that my favorite part of the book is ‘The Song,’ and the weird words and Wonder creatures. Who could imagine a ‘Bublem Eeb?’”
Sierra, 15
“I really like this book! My favorite character in the book is Chief, he is so funny. And my favorite part of the story is when the family is in the field and seeing the supernatural unfolding of things before their eyes. I would definitely read it all over again.”
Josiah, 12
“It was unlike anything I have read before! Very impressively and beautifully written and full of adventure.”
Kendra, 14
“A brilliant novel which successfully urged me to find my own Wonder.”
Ryan, 15 1/2
“I really liked the mystery in the story. I also liked how unique and different each of the characters were and the different ways they experience Wonder. Their predicament was very different than the kinds of things I have read in other books. The scariest part was the Shadowlands. I was really surprised about what happened to teenage aged Constance. My favorite part was discovering the meanings behind the the weird Wonder words. And Mr. Keyes was so funny. He was always messing the words up but that was because it was all part of a really cool puzzle. It was also really cool when the puzzle was solved. I will read it again!”
Levi S., 12
“My favorite part of “Mrs. Amazing and The Seed” is when the kids explode out of Madame Yorav and land in the field where they can see through the ground and into the mysteries planted there. I would read the book again because it has complex words and a complicated plot.”
Levi R, 8 1/2
“We loved the book! I would definitely recommend it to friends so they can enjoy it with their kids as well. It’s a great story for families to read together with all ages able to relate to the characters. The heart-warming relationships, science, comedy, and delight woven together are nourishing to the mind and soul. I can’t wait to read it again!”
Megan R. (parent and home educator)
"What do you get when you cross Roald Dahl with a lesson in plant biology?  Mrs. Amazing and the Seed! This book is along the lines of James and the Giant Peach, but far more meaningful and witty.  My kids and I enjoyed this book tremendously. You will too!”
Tina L., (parent, biology teacher, home educator, and artist)

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